How was the North Fremont Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Project funded, and was the project over budget?

    No City General Funds were used for the project. 

    Project funding, including the following sources: 

    • Caltrans Active Transportation Program (ATP) Grant - $6.48 million, bike and pedestrian safety; 

    • Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) - almost $2 million; 

    • Measure P and S Road Rehabilitation - $700k;

    • Measure P and S ADA Improvements - $780k 

    • Measure X - regional transportation sales tax - $800k; 

    • Neighborhood Capital Improvement Program (NCIP) - TOT tax  - $200k

    The project is under budget and was on time, even with losing a month of work due to a heavy rainy season. All of the grant funding listed above was specific to this project and this location.

    Where do these bike lanes go? Is this a a "bike lane to nowhere"?

    The North Fremont Bike and Pedestrian Project is only the beginning, the North Fremont Street Corridor will provide a vital connection between Fort Ord Regional Trail and Greenway and the North Fremont Business District, Casanova Oak Knoll Neighborhood, Del Monte Grove - Laguna Grande Neighborhood and Villa Del Monte Neighborhoods. 

    Fort Ord Regional Trail and Greenway, commonly referred to as FORTAG, is a bicycle and pedestrian network that will connect the communities of Marina, Seaside, and Del Rey Oaks to Monterey.  

    The North Fremont Gap Closure Project, is a proposed Class I (Bike and Pedestrian Connection) to complete the gap between the existing North Fremont Street Project and the future FORTAG Connection. This project is currently under design and was initiated in July 2019.

    Other future connections are in the works in partnership with the neighborhoods, which will be check out our Facts About North Fremont article which includes a bike network map. The City is also working on an updated Citywide Bike Network Map, providing more information on connections and details.

    For more information on why protected median bicycle lanes were considered instead of traditional bike lanes, check out our Facts About North Fremont article.

    Certain areas of North Fremont Street used to flood on occasion. How did this project help?

    The project included storm chambers that are placed under the sidewalk to reduce flooding on North Fremont during heavy rains therefore, improving safety. The City spent over $1 million dollars on stormdrain improvements along the corridor.

    What is the North Fremont Gap Project?

    The North Fremont Gap Closure Project is a Class I Multi Use Connection between Canyon Del Rey and Casanova Street, on the north (Laguna Grande Park) side of the street. 

    Because of the steep terrain and a pinch point over an environmentally sensitive habitat area, this project is complex and the addition of sidewalks requires substantial retaining walls or the installation of a bridge structure, for pedestrians and bikes. The City has been collaborating with the Transportation Agency for Monterey County on the connection and funding sources for this project.

    A connection between Casanova and Canyon Del Rey Boulevard/SR 218, was initially included in the North Fremont Bike and Pedestrian Access Project Bid as an additive alternative. The design at the time included substantial retaining walls and the contractor bids exceeded the funding available for this addition. As a result this portion was not included in the final construction of the project.

    The design is funded by Neighborhood Capital Improvements Program (NCIP) funds, through a Casanova Oak Knoll Project Application.

    This project provides a connection between the Fort Ord Recreational Trail and Greenway and the North Fremont Bike and Pedestrian Access Project.