Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City of Monterey proposing a flavored tobacco and e-cigarette ordinance?

The primary drivers of this ordinance are to protect underage populations from harmful substances and minimize pollution to Monterey's unique natural environment.

What will this ordinance change?

If approved, flavored tobacco and vape products would no longer be sold within the City of Monterey. This includes menthol cigarettes, flavored e-liquids, and all other forms of flavored tobacco. Single-use disposable e-cigarette devices would also be prohibited. As a result, only refillable and/or modular vape devices and traditional tobacco products without flavors will continue to be sold at all establishments within the City of Monterey.

Who will be affected if the council approves the ordinance?

This will only impact tobacco retailers and prevent them from selling flavored products and single-use disposable e-cigarette products outlined in the ordinance. Consumers who are in possession of these products will not be penalized or harassed for usage of these products.

When will implementation of this policy go into effect?

Once city staff presents recommendations to the City Council and the council deliberates on the ordinance, it may be added into the city code. Once it is effective, tobacco retailers will have six (6) months to sell their remaining supply of prohibited products before the ordinance is fully enforced.

How will this be enforced?

The Monterey County Health Department will continue to monitor tobacco retailers as part of the Tobacco Retailing License program. As complaints are received, the Monterey County Health Department will collaborate with Code Compliance to ensure compliance with the new ordinance, with assistance from the Monterey Police Department if needed.

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